One Last Sleep, and Why self care is important

With tomorrow being the big day and my anxiety out of control my thoughts turn towards self care.

This is something we have all heard of and benefit from but what exactly does it mean? It means taking time every now and then to do something just for you.

Everyone is different in what relaxes them and helps them reset for a difficult day/ task ahead. I have worked with my therapist over the years to determine what works best for me.

My plans for tonight include a good book, a soak in the hot tub and lots of cannabis (medical user for 5+ years, will go into detail on another post). This for me is the ultimate in indulging myself harmlessly in a way that will relax me to help prepare for tomorrow.

Do you have something you can use for some “me” time? A certain type of book or movie, going on a nature walk, or even working on a craft. These are all things that some people enjoy. What about you?


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