When It’s More Than Feeling Sad

Every person on this earth will experience an episode of depression at some point in their life. There are many different triggers for depressive episodes and often you can’t do anything about them.

I have found that after a full week of pain and sleeplessness I too have fallen into a deep depression. If I could fix it I would (and get nice and rich) but sometimes we need these moments. We need our bodies to force us to slow down and take a minute, we need our bodies to help us reset what is wrong.

Because I am lucky in knowing the origins of this depressive episode, I am also lucky enough to know that this will end. One of the ways I try to make myself better is to do something for someone else, it can be small like cooking or bigger like a present they have been wanting.

It’s important to have things that help you get out of your head when you are depressed. For me, reading and watching TV are difficult because I can’t follow along really well so I get frustrated; that means these are NOT a good activity for me right now. Activities that work for me include playing games on my phone and cuddling with my animals.

Depression is different from everyday sadness in that it is often more profound and often comes with suicidal thoughts/ feelings. These feelings can last weeks, months, or even years if you don’t receive any treatment. I personally take two medications daily in hopes that it will help combat the depression that holds me so tightly.

There is nothing wrong with being medication to help you. There is even a measurable effect on your brain chemicals while you are depressed. These medications can help you come through the depression and may stave of the worst of the feelings. Although some times long term being on medication for mental health issues isn’t a life sentence and you may be able to only use medication in times of extreme stress or in triggering events.

Over the years I’ve been in every medication known to man a couple times and then some. It takes trial and error to find the right combination for you each time. If you don’t see any improvement within 3 – 4 weeks this may not be the combo for you, try another one. You’ll get there eventually.

Stay safe and sane everyone!


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