Ahh Boredom

Well, I have now been on light bed rest for about 10 weeks now (its been a pretty shitty time for awhile now) and you know what? I’m bored.

I’ve read so many books, watched the most TV of my life and played countless games on my phone. The end result is still that the only comfy place for me is my bed and I’ve run out of things to read and watch.

The problem with boredom is that it isn’t easy to fix, in my case I am not able to cook/ clean and my mental health issues make distractions hard when you can’t concentrate on them.

I don’t have a cure or even any insights into how to keep your mind and body occupied when it physically can’t be; but we have learned that I wouldn’t survive jail or a remote location at all. What I can tell you is that although boredom can seem endless and hopeless is that it does get better.

I realize that as each day passes and I get a little better everyday that my abilities will expand and my boredom will lesson.

What are some tips you have for staving off boredom?


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