Doing too much

We all do it, we over work ourselves constantly even when we know better.

Last night I decided to assist my husband with some house work. Nothing too much but enough I broke a bit of a sweat and my stomach started hurting so I stopped.

Today I am sore (back and stomach) and so tired its not even funny. I’ve already fallen asleep once today by accident.

Why do we push ourselves like this? We know that the consequences exist and yet even against medical and common sense dictate we don’t do something we still seem hard wired to do it anyways.

I know that personally I have pushed myself past my abilities on numerous occasions (sometimes even ending up in hospital because of it) and experienced the consequences yet here we are again.

We all need to remember to slow down and stay within our abilities sometimes. In today’s climate is easy to find yourself doing too much just too keep your mind busy. Keep in mind your body has limits as well.

What is something that helps you when you’ve over done it?


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