Just Exercise…

We’ve all heard it. If you exercise you will be cured of all mental illness and fibro.

While exercise can help manage these issues it isn’t a perfect cure. When mental illness has snapped your motivation in half and fibro is telling you that if you exercise you will be in so much pain afterwards.

As painful as it is to admit I also have joined the exercise train….a bit. Let me explain. Exercise doesn’t mean expensive equipment or going to a gym or even leaving your house. With limitations from previous injuries and embarrassment over how hard things are it can be tough. Here is some things that work for me (maybe they can give you some hints).

First off, with fibro you have to start small and work your way up. Literally anything that causes you to sweat and yes doing laundry counts (dude, its a real work out). For me that is literally how I start, I up my housework. With mental illness you will most likely feel better with a clean house AND you did something physical….yay!

Once I can maintain my housework levels I then add in a bit of an actual workout. For this I use a Nintendo Switch; they have the ring fit and boxing fitness. Both of those can be modified easily for any mobility or injury concerns and are low impact. Once I am able to do that without dying I tend to add in a hip hop tibata workout from YouTube.

You’ll notice that I don’t leave my house and I don’t have an audience. Let’s be clear I’m aware I look a bit like a beached whale on its back doing some of this stuff and I like knowing that there isn’t anyone to see me. We used points to buy the switch and all the games and YouTube is free (with ads) so the expense is pretty minimal…I spent more on a bra that let me jump without being smacked in the face.

The motivation is hard but here is what I learned; just start. After a few days you will see a bit of a change in how proud you are of yourself for accomplishing something…..this will be your motivation going forward.

What are some low impact customizable fitness activities you do?


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