Growing Pains

As I’ve mentioned I have a daughter who is 11 going on 18. She is one of the most polite and caring people I know…..she also is the reason for all my grey hair.

The big conversations in our house lately are all about how she wants to leave the Catholic French Immersion school system and move to a Public English school. This has been heard for me. I went to Catholic schools (even an all girls one run by nuns) and I also took French immersion.

I was never a model student at all and barely made it out of high school, my husband is a little better but not much. School is hard, especially when you can’t pick your subjects. I do understand what she is going through and the struggles she is having, however, I don’t believe that switching schools and/ or languages will help.

Here is the thing about being a parent though, my wants aren’t always what’s best in the long run. Her concerns about her school aren’t based on bullying or anything that can be changed and quite honestly as long as she understands it’s not a magical cure all….I guess she is switching schools. Now the hard part; which school to switch to?

She wants to go to one that we are outside the busing zone for, but we do only live 5 or so blocks away. The other is closer so also can’t bus but it’s a 3 block walk.

What sort of things do you look for when interviewing elementary schools? I’ll be phoning the schools and talking to the principle as she can be high social needs (and she struggles with ADHD). Any suggestions are welcome!


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