Sleep Troubles

I have battled insomnia for many years. I have trouble falling, and staying asleep. I also suffer from night terrors as well as just plain reliving traumatic moments.

Bed time is something I have struggled with; I hate it. It means I get to lay in bed with just my thoughts and maybe of I’m lucky I will fall asleep at some point.

To try and make things a bit better I have created a sleep routine that seems to help me (my doctor is aware of my routine and has added parts to her own).

To start of at 7:30 p.m. I take my medication for my fibro and PTSD. Then it’s off to the hot tub, I bring my phone, an alcoholic drink and some cannabis. I’m generally out of the tub around 9 (weather depending) where I go inside put on my pj’s and eat some cannabis edibles. At 10 or so I put on my sleep headphones and lay down. I tried listening to podcasts and audiobooks but I still struggled a bit….so now I listen to my dentist Playlist. These are songs I listen to when I’m sedated at the dentist…. and wouldn’t you know, it works like a charm.

What do you do as part of your sleep routine?


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