One Last Sleep, and Why self care is important

With tomorrow being the big day and my anxiety out of control my thoughts turn towards self care. This is something we have all heard of and benefit from but what exactly does it mean? It means taking time every now and then to do something just for you. Everyone is different in what relaxesContinue reading “One Last Sleep, and Why self care is important”

2 Sleeps; the Anxiety has taken over!

I suffer from anxiety as do a lot of people that we interact with on a daily basis. One of my anxiety inducing moments is being in a hospital. It is 100% not rational and doesn’t make sense but here we are. Whenever I find myself as a patient in a hospital it doesn’t takeContinue reading “2 Sleeps; the Anxiety has taken over!”

3 Sleeps and a brief intro to Fibro(myalgia)

I’m going to tell you a story so you can understand a bit about how Fibro works. I want you to imagine your central nervous system like a 7 lane super highway that brings all the information from your nerves to your brain. Now imagine this highway has a bouncer (we will name him George).Continue reading “3 Sleeps and a brief intro to Fibro(myalgia)”