Sleep Troubles

I have battled insomnia for many years. I have trouble falling, and staying asleep. I also suffer from night terrors as well as just plain reliving traumatic moments. Bed time is something I have struggled with; I hate it. It means I get to lay in bed with just my thoughts and maybe of I’mContinue reading “Sleep Troubles”


Everybody needs somebody

At some point in our lives we could all use someone to talk to. An unbiased 3rd party that wants what’s best for you, not necessity what you want. Over the years and moves I have had the opportunity to meet many psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. I have had some pretty awful ones overContinue reading “Everybody needs somebody”

One Last Sleep, and Why self care is important

With tomorrow being the big day and my anxiety out of control my thoughts turn towards self care. This is something we have all heard of and benefit from but what exactly does it mean? It means taking time every now and then to do something just for you. Everyone is different in what relaxesContinue reading “One Last Sleep, and Why self care is important”