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New Year; Same You!

I would apologize for so long between posts but we all know that it will probably happen again. I am going to make a concentrated effort to update every Monday at least.

With the new year started you always see a lot of posts on social media regarding new years resolutions. Personally I do not make a new years resolution at all as I believe that if it takes starting a new calendar to change something you don’t like about yourself…….go buy a new calendar; and get started.

If you are always planning on making changes starting on a certain date you will most likely fail as you keep finding reasons to push that date back. My personal goal for the moment is to improve my physical activity levels as well as start cooking healthier and more diverse meals for the family to enjoy. This is not something that should wait for tomorrow to start.

As you all know I recently (Nov. 30, 2019) had a hysterectomy and am still in the recovery phase so starting a new program exercise and physical activity program is a big no for now. Because of this what I have been doing is planning and finding activities that I can do and might enjoy once I get the medical clearance to start something like that. My fibro will also make this endeavor even more difficult. When I was luckily enough to be able to travel to the U. S. to attend a Fibro pain clinic I learned that all new physical activity should be started at about 5 minutes each time; once you can handle the 5 minutes of activity for 2 weeks you are able to increase it by another 5 minutes. This is a very slow and steady approach designed to not cause crashing caused by over exerting yourself.

As we all know 2020 was not the best year for the population of Earth and 2021 will also have it’s unique challenges. I would like everyone to take a moment to reflect on one good moment of 2020; it can literally be anything.

My 2020 good moment:

In January of 2020 we made the decision to adopt a dog from the humane society; regardless of the reason or motivation the information we received regarding the dog did not match what we experienced when we arrived home. (It was so bad I inquired about returning her and was informed she would be euthanized immediately if I did that). After several breakdowns, her biting out of fear. her running away and being hit by a bus, her pulling me through gravel face first, etc. We have a decent pet. She still needs work on her commands but she is more like a toddler in an adults body than anything else. She keeps within a few feet of me at all times when possible and LOVES playing with people around her. Although it took a lot of work and understanding my happy moment of 2020 was realizing that this dog would not have had the chances and life she does if someone else had adopted her and that she is truly happy in our home being part of our pack.


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